Jan 03

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Beggining of agrarian sector survey


Survey was conducted in 2005 (May-June). Four questionnaires were elaborated: on private farm lands, dehkan (farm) holdings, marketing, stock raising for jamoat heads. There were some stages. First the methodology, program and forms were developed, the information was collected and data analysis were made, then data processing on computer.

The main survey goal was to collect detailed information about agrarian sector and to elaborate the agriculture development strategy focused on private kitchen gardens, president lands and small DFH (dehkan farm holdings) in target regions with outputs and indicators, that implementation will improve agriculture in the area, efficient use of nature resources, to improve the rural population livelihood.

Geographical coverage

The survey was conducted in three jamoats of Isfara region: «Surh», «Voruh» and «Lakkon», and in three jamoats of J.Rasulov region: «Yangy Haiet», «Uzbek Kishlok», «Gulhona »

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