Jan 03

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Experts consulting – wealth for farmers

Целевые районы

Целевые районы

Knowledge – is the field worth for investments, and in future it will be repaid, especially in agriculture in the Northern Tajikistan, but at present time the situation is very difficult.

That’s why ICPO «Jovid», enlisting ЕС and DWHH financing support, decided to support agricultural Consulting Centers and started the new project implementation “Support to the Land reform in the Northern Tajikistan” it is logic continuation of the project TJK -1039-04 “Support to the Land reform in Northern Tajikistan through local extension and support services”.

The main goal of project is to improve the rural population livelihood in Sugd province, through knowledge enhancement concerning adopted agricultural production, marketing and processing, these extension services are being provided by existing information consulting centers (ICC) in Ganchi, Shahristan regions.

Special project goal is to distribute gained by organization experience and consulting services development in rural place and also experience exchange with newly established Resource Consulting Centers (RCC) in Zafarabad and Mastchoh regions.

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