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Field Farm Schools are established

ПФШ в джамоате Сурх, Исфаринского района

Полевой день, ПФШ Исфаринского района

ПФШ в джамоате Овчи-Калачи, Б. Гафуровского района

Полевой день, ПФШ Б. Гафуровского района

According to the requirements specifications in October 2006 ICPO «Jovid» established two Field Farm Schools (FFS) total area is 1 hec. In target regions Isfara and B.Gafurov.
Given activity was focused to develop agrarian sector in target regions.
At the beginning meetings were held with local authorities and farm managers in Isfara and B.Gafurov regions. In each region FFS was established on the plot – 0,5 hectare. In B.Gafurov region the plot was selected in Ovchi Kalacha Kosimov R. holding, in Isfara in kishlak Surh Sahovat holding (brigade №2).

The criteria of plots selection:
  •  Holdings are ready to give their lands to establish FFS
  • The soil is typical for the climate conditions in the given region
  •  The land is close to the main roads
  •  It is secured with water for irrigation
  • It is available for farmers’ visiting.

The aim of the activity carried out on the ICPO “Jovid” DP in target regions is to distribute new advanced technologies in planting; testing of new agro technological measures of cultivating traditional and alternative crops, focused to improve production quality and to make land management more efficient; to conduct trails and to find out new perspective sorts of plants adopted to the local conditions.
All interested in can see themselves the results of trails concerning the yield quality of local and foreign selection.Special registers were elaborated to record all the agro phenological observations regarding crops.
For each culture there was plate with crop name and sort. Special bill boards (informational one) were placed in jamoat Surh and jamoat Ovchi-Kalacha with scheme of cultivated cultures.Four filed days were conducted on FFS, where participated 100 people, including 5 women (5%). The results of survey showed that the most of the farmers were interested in FFS activity, after visiting FFS they improved their knowledge in the field of crops cultivation technologies, and in future will use on their own lands.

RESUME after testing carried out on the FFS is following:
Crops development phases on FFS in project regions were different;

1. – In conditions of FFS in Ovchi Kalacha B.Gafurov region perspective

crops were:
• Wheat (sorts Delta, Lastochka, Knyajna);
• Barley (sort Dobrinya);
• Potato (sorts Fontane, Virgo, Ariel);
• Tomatoes (sort PMK red);
• Carrots (sort Mirzoy red);
• Beetroot;
• Corn;
• Soy (sort Laura);
• Egg plants.

2. – In conditions of FFS Surh Isfara region the most perspective were:

• Wheat (sort Delta,Krasota, Millenium);
• Barley (sort Dobrinya);
• Potato (sorts Udacha, Radja ,Koretta);
• Tomatoes;
• Beetroot;
• Carrots (sort Mirzoy red);
• Onion (sort Dusty);
• Corn;
•Rise (local sort Hoja Ahmad);
• Cabbage (sort Slava);
• Soy;
• Beans (sort Atlasny).

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