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Project staff, together with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan, organized an event to identify trainers who should be involved in training adults. The study showed that Zulfiya Tashbaeva is the most suitable for teaching adults.4 (1)

After identifying an adult education trainer, the trainer was tasked with preparing a training module on the topic “Using effective teaching methods in adult training” and preparing additional materials related to this topic.

The prepared module describes in detail the activities in the classroom from beginning to end. In addition to the module, the trainer also prepared several handouts for the participants. All materials were prepared in an accessible and understandable language for the participants, taking into account the wishes of the listeners, depending on the content of the texts, for ease of perception and use.

Together with the training participants, it was decided that the TOT will be held in the city of Khorog. It is worth noting that the TOT consisted of 5 days. The reason for organizing TOT training in the city of Khorog is the convenient location for all participants (Ishkoshim, Roshtkala).

4 (2)From December 11 to 15, 2023, the TOT took place in the center of the region, that is, the city of Khorog. Representatives of various educational institutions took part in the TOT, such as: the Adult Education Center of the Khorog, Ishkoshim and Roshtkala regions, Vocational Lyceums of the Shugnon, Ishkoshim and Roshtkala regions. A total of 16 people took part in the 5-day TOT.

The training was conducted using various interactive teaching methods. Discussions, group work and interactivity were central to the classes. This was facilitated by the distribution of handouts among participants during the training. Due to the fact that the training participants had a good opportunity to get together in the evening to discuss issues and tasks, they solved group and individual tasks of the next day’s training.

The following issues were discussed at the TOT training: creating a favorable atmosphere during the training, who is the trainer and what are his responsibilities, working with “difficult” participants, the traditional training model/pros and cons of the model, the interactive training model, effective teaching methods in adult education, etc. d.

All training participants expressed satisfaction with the knowledge and skills acquired, as evidenced by a survey conducted among them after the training.4 (3)

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