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Mountain horticulture development

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Mountain horticulture development

International Charity Public Organization «JOVID» (ICPO «JOVID») and family budget of Nurmamadov Ramazon in 2004 – 2005 established experimental orchard aimed to develop mountain horticulture on the height 2740m above sea level in Darshai village, jamoat Shitharv in Ishkashim district. There are 33 high-yielding and good quality sorts of 15 types of fruits, nuts and berries. Variety of sorts were brought from Sughd region and now the yield is of a good quality and productive one. In mountain conditions the annual precipitations are 80 – 90mm, winter is severe  and there is not much snow (regular winter temperature is -25 – 30 degrees of frost), the soil is sandy-stony and such cultures as  almond,  quince and grapes were cultivated there for the first time. The set of sorts was elected taking into consideration climate conditions, geographical location and conditions of existing orchards in the region. The most productive five sorts of apricots (Mirsandjili, Kaduhurmoi,Kandaki Ahmadi, Boboi and Mohtobi), 2 sorts of peaches (Chillagy, early ripen Lola),plum sort Kubanskaya Kometa, yellow sweet cherry  Drogana, cherry  Local Samarkandskaya, local cherry plum. The most productive apples were sorts Star crimson,Hubonni, Golden delicious  ; pears Local early ripen sort, Lesnaya Krasavitsa. Apple sort Renet Simirenko, pear Dilafruz did not achieve piking maturity.  Almond sort clone Pistabodom was the most tolerant to mountain conditions and yield was very nice. Only some walnuts appear on the trees after 13 years after cultivation. Cultivated two sorts of Jida (Kandak and Local Jida) were high-yielding varieties. It is possible to use this culture as garden-protecting one. Among 5 sorts of grapes (Chillagy white, Chillagy black, Husaine white, Gissarskiyi  early ripen, Toifi  pink) only the most  suitable sorts were  Gissarskiyi  early ripen and Husaine white. In these conditions large-fruited hips yield was very high.   Given orchard is a good example as Demo Plot and base of grafts for valuable sorts of fruits propagation for farmers and gardeners who want to establish own orchards in mountain conditions. Visitors of the orchard enhance their knowledge concerning agro technology of cultivating fruit trees (selection and preparation of the plot to lay out the orchard, the scheme and methods of cultivating seedlings, terms, methods of grafting and pruning, irrigation, pest control, drying fruits and so on).  

Most of gardeners from Darshai, Shitharv, Namadgut and from other villages improved their orchards by grafts of valuable sorts of fruits from that experimental orchard. Other interested in gardeners continue such practice. Based on the given experimental orchard International Charity Public Organization «JOVID» conducts practical part of short-term courses, trainings and Field days.

The increase of number of experimental orchards, extension of highly productive orchards squares support the establishment of new job places and improvement of population livelihoods of this mountain region of our country.

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