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Dushanbe, 23 November 2015


Financed by Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) project aims at development of market demanded skills and increase of employment and income generation opportunities,to establish own business of the youth in Gorno Badahshanskaya Avtonomnaya Oblast (Ishkoshim and Murgab districts) and in districts of republic subordination (Tavildara and Rasht). The project duration is forty six months, the project carried out by Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) in partnership with International Charity Public Organization «Jovid» (hereafter ICPO «Jovid»), started in November 2015 the project title is «Skills development and increase of employment opportunities for the youth in Tajikistan». It is worth to mention that Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) will implement the project in Tavildara and Rasht, and ICPO «Jovid» in Ishkashim and Murgabd districts in GBAO.

It is planned to involve more than 1000 youth and to contribute to the sustained improvement in the living conditions and social stability of young generation to improve skill demanded on the labour market.

The first step under the project is organization of one conference in each district (Rasht and GBAO), and also one meeting on national level inviting all stakeholders in the field of employment and skills development. The next step under the project will be: conducting ТОТ for teachers in PTC, who will teach students in short term courses (three months) more than 1000 students; international study tour will be organized to Germany or to NIS country, where representatives of PTC will have the chanse to exchange the experience among teachers and to learn how this system is organised in other countries; Round tables will be also organized where issues concerning youth employment and reduction of migration level among the youth will be discussed; under the project it is foreseen financial support to the best business ideas through established of Revolving Fund.

The Project also will provide equipment, visual aids and books for institutions dealing with technical and profession education, aimed to improve skills in region among the youth. After finishing short term courses students will have certificates and will use them to be employed in future.

In cooperation with private sector in GBAO, the project will financially support youth who attended short term courses disbursing them interest- free credits to start own business. Participants’ best business ideas will be supported financially. In general about 200 individual and 10 group business ideas will be supported; these young entrepreneurs will attend trainings on business planning and will take part in three educational tours to study similar types of business to improve their skills and to gain the experience.

The other component under the project is awareness campaigns, they will be conducted to make local population aware about the project activity and program in general. Program promotion will include different information materials, publication of articles in local newspapers, besides information boards will be installed in target districts. These wide awareness campaigns will cover large number of beneficiaries, who could take part in the program. It is also planned to cover beneficiaries from non target districts to raise their interest towards the good quality and known product.

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