Jan 02

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Resume concerning the situation in J.Rasulov region

g20In general, to secure sustainable farm holding development it is not enough only sometimes to finance farmers and to give them access to material resources. It is necessary to develop market infrastructure, to support rural producers financially on permanent base, to secure processing and sale, legal protection, to teach them and to provide the information.

The best way is to organize and to support innovative farms; owners will follow all market reforms. It is not important whether they are ideal or not, they could explain to other owners what is necessary to do.

Other efficient way of supporting production is: to purchase the produced production being introduced, for charity in other countries.

It is necessary to support market structures institutional development (local communities, production, sale and other cooperatives, producers associations) to join small and medium producers, market entry, to involve local authorities.

The next step is to involve existing market structures (cooperatives, associations) for long term cooperation under the development program implementation, long term programs carrying out of independent market structures development, securing production growth, market relations development, including tajik produces to the world market.

Efficient strategy of market development in researched jamoats is – individual approach in developing each holding. Each owner will find its own niche, and will secure development. If holdings go in one (two or three) directions it will cause difficulties in production sale.

Individual approach of development does not exclude the necessity that farmer is to know all the ways of development and to chose for himself. In any case farmer is to be consulted, to use efficiently the resources he has. Consulting is necessary to organize cooperative structures and for the external market entry.

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