Oct 25

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Round tables

Круглый стол Круглый стол 2In the framework of the project financed by Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) “Skills development and increase of employment opportunities for the youth in Tajikistan”.

 International Charity Public Organization “Jovid” conducted two Round tables on topic “Support to youth employment and small and medium entrepreneurship” in two target districts (Ishkashim and Murgab districts) 15.09.2017 and 20.09.2017

All interested in like Project Coordinator Teshaev Qadriddin, beneficiaries and local administration were invited to participate in Round table.

ICPO “Jovid” chairperson Nurmamadov Ramazon briefly informed participants regarding achieved results under the project. He mentioned that the main project goal is to have close cooperation among representatives of local administration in target districts, other public organizations and ICPO “Jovid” staff. To support youth to be employed, obtain necessary skills, support to small and medium entrepreneurship aimed to alleviate the level of unemployment among youngsters and improve the local population livelihoods and welfare.

Qadriddin Teshaev mentioned the fact that the project priority is that youth who attended the short-term courses, business trainings organized taking into consideration the labor market and obtained different skills must stay in the republic.

Other participants also recommended using knowledge and skills of youth who returned home after labor migration. Rationally to use local nature resources, train local masters like carvers, potters, develop culture of gardening, establish better conditions for sport and rest of youth. These recommendations were taken into consideration by representtaives of the organization that implements given project.

All invited people from target districts expressed willingness to cooperate with the project, as project supports the improvement of professional skills demanded on the local labor market and development of entreprenership, youth employment. All these factors will improve the population welfare in the region.

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