Oct 25

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Selection and support to the best business entrepreneurship ideas

Entrepreneurship is integral part of the society development and population welfare. Advanced nations find that roughly 80% of their budget and future development is due to the small and medium entrepreneurship.

Successful Japanese businessman Cudzuma Tateisy Выбор идеиcompared entrepreneurship with bee: Bee collects nectar not for pollination of flowers but to collect honey. And by its action pollinates plants and increases the yield on 15-20%. Entrepreneur developing his business pays more taxes to the treasury. The society benefits from that fact in general.

RT government is determined to support small and medium entrepreneurship, especially in remote mountain districts. Given goal of the government is in harmony with the project donor Welthungerhilfe (German Agro action) goal and implementation of the mentioned above project by ICPO “Jovid”. In general, all organization activities are carried out in close cooperation with Hukumats,jamoats and other public organizations. Usually the representatives of Tax inspectorate are invited to the entrepreneurship trainings where they explain for the participants the best methods of running their business, taxation and keeping the tax legislation.

The entrepreneurship starts from the idea. The idea usually consists of some steps, the main steps are:

  • To observe what other people do
  • To analyze the shortcomings of the market
  • To use innovations in the existed field
  • To implement new technologies
  • To involve skilled experts for successful activity

Final goal of entrepreneurship is to cover following components:

  • What product is sold?
  • Who is sold to?
  • How it is sold?
  • What needs of clients are satisfied?

The entrepreneur who suggests an idea, appreciates his possibilities (education, confidence, material reserve, personal skills), then starts up his entrepreneurship activity.Выбор идеи 2

To identify and select the best business ideas ICPO “Jovid” established Selection Committee in Ishkashim and Murgab districts to consider submitted applications for the small grant. Committee members were representatives of local administration (first chairman deputy of the district, manager of economic department, manager of Youth, Sport and Tourism Committee), manager of Population Employment Agency, manager of Professional Technological department, chairman of Association of Entrepreneurs, chairman of ICPO “Jovid”, in all 7 people.

Given Committee thoroughly considered each application submitted for the small grant, evaluated applications (the best business ideas) according to elaborated selection criteria. Upon the appraisal, monitoring was conducted to evaluate all conditions of grant receivers. The best business ideas meeting the needs and possibilities of the given region are supported by the project.

In these two target districts (Ishkashim and Murgab) … submitted applications for the small grant were considered, of these … were approved by Committee. Succesfull participants who passed that contest got modern desired equipment, started up own business.

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