Oct 26

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Supporting the best business ideas among young people

7The next stage of the sub-project after a series of trainings to increase the knowledge of young people about innovative agriculture was to involve target groups in the organization of income-generating activities. For this, an application for a small grant was developed and distributed among the youth of the target districts. From 1st to 20th September, the beneficiaries were given time to fill out. In total, the sub-project staff received 20 applications (11 from Istaravshan and 9 from Kanibadam) for a small grant, of which 11 were submitted by girls (55%). To select the best ideas for a small grant, a selection committee of 3 people was formed. Small grants were awarded on a competitive basis in a three step selection process:

  1. Submission of the completed small grant form
  2. Selection of the best business ideas (meeting all eligibility criteria)
  3. Grant Awarding and Monitoring Process

After the 2nd round of selection, out of 20 applications, only 7 applications went to the 3rd round. 11 applications did not pass to the 3rd round due to the fact that during the monitoring the applicants could not prove the sustainability of their ideas. Of the 7 selected applications, women are the leaders of 3 business ideas (42.85%). 3 applications were supported from Istaravshan district and 4 from Kanibadam.

Business ideas are in the field of:

Name of recipients Line of business The address
1 Usmonov Sirojiddin Greenhouse with drip irrigation and compost production Istaravshan, jamoat Nofaroj
2 Hojiev Firdavs Mechanized tillage with a walk-behind tractor
3 Shodmonova Robiya Sewing business
4 Bobokalonov Muzaffa Greenhouse with drip irrigation and compost production Kanibadam, jamoat Puloton
5 Okhunova Ozoda Drying of fruits and vegetables (heliodrying)
6 Kaqumova Maftuna Sewing business
7 Okhunov Rauf Horticulture (grafting and care (shaping) of fruit trees)

The minimum size of supported business ideas is 3920 somoni (about 380$) and the maximum business is 9040 somoni (875$).

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In accordance with the grant allocation mechanism, the selected best business ideas were supported and the requested equipment and materials were procured and provided to the grant recipients. The recipients of the grant also contributed to the implementation of business ideas as part of the support of the sub-project (both in the form of complementary materials and tools, and in the form of labor). Of the 7 selected and implemented business ideas, all are individual businesses that enable young people to work and create independently.

Support for business ideas helps to improve the economic situation in the regions through the creation of new jobs, which will reduce the level of migration among young people and improve the living conditions of the project beneficiaries.

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