Oct 25

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Trainings on entrepreneurship

Бизнес тренинги Бизнес тренинги 2In the framework of the project “Skills development and increase of employment opportunities for the youth in Tajikistan” organization and conduction of entrepreneurship trainings occupy the special place, as one of the main goals of the project is the employment of the youth – graduators of the short-term courses organized and conducted by ICPO “Jovid”. It is important to teach initial skills in the field of entrepreneurship, especially in the sphere of production and services for the population.

Skilled trainers were invited to conduct trainings.One of the trainers in Ishkashim district is Sohibnazarbekov Erbek, graduator of Agricultural Institute (now Agrarion Institute) in Tajikistan, his speciality is economist – manager of agriculture, in the past he attended a number of international trainings and received Certificates.

The other invited trainer to conduct trainings for Kirgiz participants is Alibaev Egamberdi, he is accountant and manager of educational department of Shugnan district Professional Technological Lyceum branch in Murgab district. He devoted his fruitful life to that institution.To conduct entrepreneurship trainings he attended training on topic “Modern methods of professional adult education”, and also other professional trainings, organized by ICPO “Jovid”

Due to the program “Skills development and increase of employment opportunities for the youth in Tajikistan”, carried out in the field ICPO “Jovid” conducted 19 business trainings, covering 278 participants including 151 women in Ishkashim and Murgab districts in GBAO.

All trainings were conducted of a good quality using previously prepared 8 handouts, 5 visual aids and educational facilities.

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