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Breaf project report

Project: Decreasing the post-conflict tensity and the risks of community conflict reoccurrence through socio-economic inclusions of local youth into peace & confidence building and income generation activities


Project#: 353 – 961
Target districts: Ishkashim and Murgab districts in GBAO
Project duration: 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2017
Project goal: To mitigate the post conflict tensity and risks in communities and prevent reoccurrence through socio economic engagement of local youth into peace and confidence building and income generation activities in two districts in GBAO (Ishkashim and Murgab) Tajikistan.


Achieved outputs:


Result 1. MOUs were signed with target districts chairpersons, 4 project presentations were conducted (2 at the beginning of the project and 2 after project end), jamoats and villages were selected, baseline study was conducted in target districts, 10 round tables were organized where participated 126 youth, 2 ТОТ were conducted for school teachers where participated 24 teachers, teachers who attended TOT conducted 77 free lectures for more than 1200 schoolchildren at 17 schools. Free lectures were conducted for short-term course students (20 free lectures where participated 340 students). To improve the health and alleviate the level of tension among the youth, the project provided sport inventory for 3000 schoolchildren at 17 schools. Eight sport mass contests were organized among the youth where participated more than 500 (165 girls) youth. In the framework of the project contest for the best drawings on topic: «Against conflicts». Drawing contest and Contest for the best article were organized and conducted on topics «Against conflicts», «What’s conflict and how it impacts us» where 170 schoolchildren (99 drawings and 73 articles) participated. Exhibitions were organized to exhibit the best drawings for participants’ peers. The best articles were published in region newspaper «Badahshon» and republic newspaper «Omuzgor». To engage the youth to decision-making process and improve the schoolchildren’s level of knowledge concerning conflicts and conflicts occurrence, meeting was organized with famous gifted youth from target districts who were successful and achieved good results in different spheres of life. Entrepreneurs, musician, frontier guard, teachers local authorities, students were invited to the meetings. During 14 organized meetings, 1290 youth (including 727 girls) participated from target districts.


Result 2: Needs assessment of PTL was conducted in target districts; MOU was signed with potential PTL. PTL was provided with 36 updated curriculum for short-term courses, needs of PTL were assessed regarding the equipment, books and visual aids to organize short-term courses. Based on PTL 20 short-term courses were organized where studied 346 students including 206 rural girls.

Besides mentioned above under the Result 2 survey was conducted regarding entrepreneurship environment, agriculture in target districts, four Demo Plots (DP) were established. Know how was the cultivation of some crops in Murgab district on the height of 4000 m above sea level, where before nothing was cultivated. Based on DP 12 Field Days were conducted, where participated youth and learnt the ways of crops cultivation in mountain conditions. Besides 11 trainings were organized for youth (each training three days), where participated 136 people including 40 girls.

84 income-generating types of activity were established in target districts, where more than 179 youth were employed.

Results 3: MOU was signed with Youth, sport and tourism Committees in target districts. Youth, sport and tourism Committees were provided with literature and visual aids. On district level, Youth Associations were established at Youth, sport and tourism Committees. TOTs were conducted for representatives of Youth, sport and tourism Committees and for members of established Youth Associations.

The Youth Association staff organized and conducted 20 trainings concerning conflicts among youth, conflicts consequences, preventive measures and conflicts level mitigation. During 20 trainings organized more than 309 youth participated including 87 girls. Education tour for representatives of Youth, Sport and Tourism Committee, Youth Association staff from target districts was organized to state institutions and association in Soghd region RT. More than 15000 different publications (information leaflets, brochures, calendars, flyers and books) were distributed among target youth. The project closely cooperated with newspapers in target districts (Zindagi and Sarikol) and with region and republic newspapers. 26 articles in local, region and republic newspapers were published (48000 copies). 7 Round tables were conducted regarding youth engagement to the process of decision-making process. On permanent base workshops were organized and conducted with representatives of local authorities, youth and project staff.

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