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Rural population involvement into medicinal plants cultivation and collection process


Medicinal aloe distribution


Boarding school for deaf and dump

In March 2007 started the distribution of seeds and seedlings to farmers (530 families in 18 kishlaks) in March 2007. Twenty three sorts of target plants were distributed, including – 9 149 items of seedlings of different fruit cultures, 16 000items of licorice and pepper mint rootstocks, 22 kg., earth apple tubers and 1246 kg seeds of medicinal plants, legumes, perfumery and spices. Within seedlings distribution farmers were consulted and were given information materials about seedlings and seeds cultivation In September 474 families and 8 social institutions in project regions received aloe in pots -1442 items.
During the project implementation ICPO «Jovid» experts conducted 38 trainings on cultivation, pest control, collection, drying and storage of medicinal plants in target regions, where participated more then 900 farmers including – 293 women.

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