Apr 25

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Sub-project duration is 10 months, implemented by International Charity Public Organization Jovid started in December 2016 the project title is «Improvement of production, marketing and trade potential of agricultural producers and processors in Soughd region, Republic of Tajikistan». Given sub-project is implemented in the framework of the project «Livelihood improvement of Rural Population in nine districts of Tajikistan», is carried out by UNDP and is funded by the Russian Federation Government.

In the framework of the project 320 producers and processors in the field of agricultural production will be involved to the process of production, marketing and trade potential improvement in Isfara, Istaravshan, Ayni, Penjikent districts of Sought region. One of the project goals is to establish close relations between agricultural products producers and processors, it will help them to be oriented to the market, improve the activity efficiency and increase the sale both in the country and abroad

The first step under the project will be organization of events to inform local authorities in target districts concerning the sub-project goal and objectives to obtain their support.

Expected results under the sub-project are following one:

  • about 200 farmers (including 30% female) improved their knowledge regarding new technologies in agriculture and efficient use of water resources through provision of consulting;
  • about 10 processing enterprises improved their trade potential participating at different trainings and during experience exchange visits;
  • 4 demo plots are established using agricultural innovative technologies and drip irrigation systems;
  • more than 120 producers of agricultural production obtained theoretical knowledge and practical skills regarding the use of drip irrigation modern technologies, improvement of yield and production quality;
  • The system of sharing the information among the beneficiaries is established regarding produced and processed production;
  • One promo movie is produced and broadcasted, guidelines, instructions and education materials in the field of horticulture, drip irrigation systems installation, fruit and vegetables processing, drying technologies are elaborated;
  • At least 10 agricultural producers and processors, including dehkan households, subjects of small and medium business, cooperatives and so on improved their organization sustainability through development plans elaboration and implementation;
  • At least two surveys are conducted and results of the survey are submitted describing the activity impact.


Contact person:

For further information please contact: Husein Toshmatov, ICPO “Jovid” Projects Coordinator: husein.toshmatov@jovid.tj,

Telephone: (+99292) 770-12-42


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