Jan 03

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ICC doors are open for everyone


Consulting in Ganchi ICC

One of the main project goals was to establish and to support rural consulting centers. Similar centers were established in the framework under the 1039 project in Ganchi and Shahristan that were consulting bases for rural population and this year six more consulting centers were established in Zafarabad and Mastchoh regions.

In these information centers work experts in the field of plant growing, husbandry, economics and jurisprudence, they are ready to help farmers to solve their problems.

At present time more then 500 farmers addressed for 05-2advices, information consulting centers staff rendered 700 consulting on different directions.

Basically rural population address with following issues:
• Establishment and activity of dehkan holdings;
• Different aspects of plant growing; (аagro techniques, plant protection, new technologies of crops cultivation);
• Husbandry;
• Taxation of dehkan holdings, business accounting;
• High quality seeds and fertilizer;
• Marketing;

Prior survey showed that 80% of farmers are satisfied with the information they receive in Consulting Centers. Farmers noted that information was very useful for their holdings, though at the begging they trusted old experience more then new one.


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