Jan 03

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Background of ICC establishment


ICC in Shahristan

When the location of ICC was defined, experts were hired to start the work and to exchange the knowledge and experience to the farmers. A lot of applications were submitted and the best one were selected by ICPO JOVID staff.

It was found out that most of experts had experience in own spheres of activity but, never conducted trainings. That’s why at the beginning special trainings were conducted for them, where they learned how to work with communities.

When consulting centers staff was ready to start the activity, «Jovid» employees conducted needs


Field day

assessment among farmers, concerning consulting

Thus dehkans and small farmers -owners of so called “president lands” and farm lands visited these centers actively.

Farmers adopted consultants advanced experience concerning agricultural crops cultivation, including non traditional crops for that region. Dehkan farms owners were interested in agricultural management, efficient ways of cultivated production sale and processing. All the addressed owners of farm lands, about 2000 people received books and booklets on interested in topics.

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