Jan 03

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Experimental greenhouse


Begining of building of greenhouse

In the center of Chkalovsk Experimental greenhouse was established by ICPO JOVID with EU financial support. Total territory is 0,16 hectares, Experimental green house occupies 0,04 hectares, here in conditions of covered soil different sorts of medicinal and ornamental plants are being cultivated, besides there are twenty sorts of house plants. It is necessary to mention the fact, that all the production is ecologically clean, as within cultivation process no chemicals are used.

The aim of greenhouse establishment is rehabilitation, conducting trails and distribution of efficient plants cultivation technologies. There is heating system in the greenhouse; it makes the plants growth in winter time sustainable. For heating gas, solar oil, coal and wood can be used. Ornamental trees like juniper and Eldar pine is cultivated too. For the efficient use of land resources combined sowing of cucumber, corn, basil, radish and different flower sorts are made.


Greenhouse is built

Additional greenhouse services are seedlings cultivation.

On one hundred square metres experts cultivated the seeds of rare and vanishing sorts of apricots. In future after drafting these apricots sorts will ornament farm lands. One more experimental greenhouse peculiarity is that ICPO JOVID experts produce bio- fertilizes- compost on it, which is very popular among the farmers to increase the yield of crops.

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