Jan 03

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Nursery and Demo Plots


Seedings before grafting


Field day




Fruit trees seedings


Under the project it was planned to cultivate high productive sorts of medicinal plants, spices, perfumes and vanishing plants and prepare them for distribution among farmers.

One hectare plot was selected in kishlak Rugund Istaravshan region, where nursery was established. Twelve target plants were cultivated there (4 spices, 3 legumes) and 5 fruit trees (stock material: apples – 2000 items, pears – 2000 items, peaches – 500items, hips – 150 items, cutting of 5 grapes sorts – 4000 items).

Besides in autumn 2006 seeds of 10 fruit cultures were cultivated too. At present time seedlings are grafted (33 853 items of 10 fruit cultures seedlings 67 – and their sorts.

In spring 2008 there were target plants including rare and vanishing one more then 10000 items, it was enough to secure 1500

families and making of a garden on 14 hectares.

On Demo plot (DP) in Shahristan region target plants seeds were cultivated at the end of April (26.04.07.), in May appeared fist sprouts. The most productive were: beetroot (50 t/hec),pumpkin (48 t/hec), earth apple (25,5 t/hec), corn (4 t/hec) and soy (2,1 t/hec).

On Demo plot in Ganchi target plants seeds were cultivated later, at the end of May appeared first sprouts, yield ripened in August- middle of October.

On Istaravshan Demo plot two groups of target plants were tested: medicinal and legumes. Seeds of these plants were cultivated in the period May 18 – June 25. The most productive medicinal plants were beetroot (30 t/hec), corn (4,4 t/hec), earth apple (22,5 t/hec), pumpkin (45 t/hec), legumes – beans atlasny (2,3 t/hec) and soy (2,0 t/hec).

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