Jan 03

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In-kind lending


To support main products increase ICPO «JOVID» continues the program of in-kind lending of dehkan farm holdings. With this purpose high productive and perspective wheat seeds are purchased from Isfara Makaramov seed-growing holding and potato seeds from mountain region Republic of Tajikistan –Ishkashim, where agricultural conditions are favorable for these crops seeds growing.





Target groups are selected under following criteria:

  • Farmer’s desire to work and experience in the field of main crops cultivation
  • Presence of water for irrigation
  • Suitable agricultural climate zone for the crops
  • Program participant’s reliability

After selecting target groups trainings, seminars and field days are conducted for them, individual and group consulting is rendered on Demo plots and advanced holdings (credit receivers), information materials are elaborated and distributed on cultivation technologies, procurement and storage of seeds. Farmers are explained the conditions of in-kind loans disbursement- high productive seeds and fertilizer.

nkPoor farmers are supported with in-kind loans transportation by ICPO JOVID. During the cultivation period ICPO agronomists conduct monitoring of посев sowings, render individual consulting give recommendations to avoid shortages for the program implementation

graundReturned in-kind loan is refined, calibrated, processed and stored in rented ICPO Jovid warehouses for future distribution as seeds and seedlings materials. Some farmers are supported with refinement and seeds storage. Rented warehouses usually are cleaned before seeds storage by ICPO «Jovid». During seeds storage in rented warehouses the temperature, humidity are regulated and pest control. Farmers are recommended acceptable technologies of seeds storage (wheat in textile fabric, potato in net sacks).

As a result farmers, who participate in in-kind lending programs gain skills on seeds reproduction, cultivation efficient technology, storage and procurement, establishment of own seeds stock of lending crops, to increase main products production (wheat, potato) and to improve livelihood.

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