Jan 03

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Rehabilitation and cultivation of medicinal plants


Demo plot in Shahristan

In 6 – 7 centuries people knew about 100 sorts of medicinal plants, the information about them is given in the book «Avesto». The great Avicenna used about 400 sorts of medicinal plants to treat sick people.
Based on scientists’ data more then 1700 sorts of medicinal plants grow in Tajikistan. The Northern part of Turkestan range (mountain regions of Sugd province) and Pamir Mountains are rich resources of medicinal Tajikistan flora. It is possible to procure 40000 tons of medicinal stuff in Tajikistan annually.
Survey was conducted in GBAO concerning medicinal plants, fruit trees and their sorts’ local resources.

Seminar on Shahristan Demo plot

Experts visited Kokand and Tashkent (Uzbekistan), to get familiarized with target plants cultivation (Shreder institute, botanic orchard, NPC of ornamental horticulture and forestry, PO”Shifbahsh”, PE”Mehrigie”).

As a result of this activity the nursery was established (kishlak Rugund, Istaravshan region), two Demo plots (kishlak Chashmasor Shahristan region and kishlak Kalai – Hojy in Ganchi region) and greenhouse (Chkalovsk) and based on them some medicinal plants are cultivated.

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