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It is better once to see…


Field day on Shahristan Demo plot

ICPO “Jovid” established two Demo Plots in Ganchi and Shahristan regions to conduct trails and then to show the results for farmers.

On these plots the results of trails regarding crops cultivation were promoted, traditional and alternative cultures cultivation new technologies were tested. Farmers cultivated new crops and defined the perspective one.

«Jovid» staff conducted 11 Field days, where participated 300 farmers, including – 39 women. Agronomists showed the rural population the yield received on DP and farmers realized that it is possible

КДП в Ганчинском районе

Demo plot in Ganchi

to have good yield of wheat, potato, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, carrots, egg plant, buckwheat, sweet pepper, melon, pumpkin beans and soy if follow all the necessary instruction.

As example in 2007 farmers joint into initiative groups, «Jovid » supported them and purchased seeds.

Except Demo plots in Shahristan and Ganchi regions innovative farms were established to popularize know haw and efficient methods of crops cultivation ,taking into consideration local climate and soil peculiarities.

Семинар на КДП Шахристана

Seminar on Shahristan Demo plot


Such farms were established in Ganchi based on

holding «Shukrullaev» and in Shahristan based on

holding «Kattabek».

These holdings were selected as the land management was nice and they had necessary material and technical basis to conduct trails and to test new cultivation technologies.

Holdings carried out all the agro technological activity and «Jovid» conducted trainings and provided special literature.

Раздача инициативной группе рассады

Seedings distribution to initiative groups


Rural population wanted to improve their life, establishing initiative farms and submitted in October–November 20 applications to Jovid.

In Shahristan and Ganchi three Demo plots, six innovative farms and initiative groups were selected and established. They were supported by seeds and seedlings.

Besides 8 initiative women groups were established in Ganchi and Shahristan (87 women).

Half of the groups dealt with milk processing, they participated in area fairs and each group earned 700 somoni.

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