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More then 2000 consultations – to support rural population!


Training in Shahristan ICC

At the end of 2005 in Shahristan and Ganchi regions Information Consulting Centers (ICC) started its activity (the staff – 14 people).

Consultants, Land committee staff in jamoats explained farmers the way the Land reform is supported on the local level, distributed the information about agricultural food prices on the markets. Local producers were taught innovative technologies. Taking into consideration market reforms in agriculture, consultants paid special attention to land reform issues, agricultural enterprises reforms, business planning and management.


Initiative group on training in Ganchi ICC


Farmers visit ICC fo consulting

The number of consultations depended on agricultural production seasons. Farmers actively visited Consulting centers since January till May (At this time owners of D/H start planning their activity, develop crop structure and plan their expenses) and since July till October (July- October is the harvest period, and farmers address for advices concerning processing and storage, marketing of cultivated crops. September –October is the season of cultivating crops – at this time farmers need advices concerning loans, seeds and fertilizer.

Farmers were interested in new technologies of crops cultivation, pest control, local and foreign alternative

crops. Trails were conducted on Demo Plots and on the plots of innovative farms.

Livestock breeders were interested in, where to buy highly productive thoroughbred livestock, artificial insemination, feeding ration, diseases protection.

In sphere of taxation and business accounting farmers were interested in tax terms and rates and tax declaration forms fulfillment «Farmer1». Special trainings were organized for farmers regarding business accounting and taxation in D/H.


After seminar in Ganchi ICC

Totally ICC staff rendered 2058 consultations, respecting different agricultural production problems, conducted 115 trainings and seminars.

Working with project regions population, ICPO «Jovid» had close cooperation with local authorities, regions, agricultural departments, and land, tax committees. Meetings were held each six months, to reveal the main problems and directions of joint efforts.

During these meetings it was found out, that it is necessary to conduct trainings for women –members of reorganized holdings «Obiborick» and «Chuayanchi», to explain their rights.

In April 2006 in Ganchi region and in May 2006 in Shahristan, «Jovid» conducted two conferences regarding land reform process on the local level. As a result in Shahristan region women initiative group was organized, that cultivated crops.

«Jovid» monitoring department found out that in Shahristan region, before the project started there were 130 dehkan holdings, and in the beginning 2007 there were 153. It is necessary to mention the fact that ICC staff helped to reorganize one big holding with total area 70 hectares. In Ganchi region during the project holdings were reorganized in Obi boric and Itorchy. Based on these holdings 33 dehkan holdings were organized.

«Jovid» staff paid attention to gender equality as in target regions, problems concerning women employment is very urgent, some rural traditions and their social status hamper women to find a job.

But in spite of all, 43 % of project activity participants were women.

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