Oct 14

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helvatas_polevoi-denIn the framework of the project «Micro irrigation technologies – drip irrigation» within the period May- September in  water-short zones in B.Gafurov  and Istaravshan districts in Sohgd region six Demo plots were established to implement DIS to irrigate agricultural cultures.

The main goal of given plots establishment is to show farmers and stakeholders the advantages of drip irrigation and to start using DIS.

Based on Demo plots Six Field days were conducted on topic «Efficiency of agricultural cultures cultivation using drip irrigation» where 95 people including 26 women participated: farmers, businessmen, DIS suppliers and installers, representatives of international organizations.

On these demo plots drip irrigation is used to irrigate fruit trees such as apple, plum and dog rose bushes, and in greenhouses cucumbers, lemon and flowers (pinks), it was demonstrated for field days participants. Suppliers informed participants about supply conditions and installers showed DIS installation.

Each participant was distributed a set of handouts consisting of information material about drip irrigation use efficiency (two printed pages).

The project staf fand DIS experts answered all participants‘questions concerning the field day topic.

As a result of conducted field educational days potential customers were persuaded about drip irrigation economic efficiency and started to support the promotion of its implementation.

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