Jan 03

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Planting mountain fruit orchard

Закладка Сада

Planting fruit orchad

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Fruit orchard is established in GBAO to reveal fruit trees for mountain conditions in Ishkashim region (kishlak Darshay, height above sea level is 2700 meters). Following strange fruit trees were cultivated there from Sugd area including:

3 apricots sorts,

3 apples sorts,

2 pears sorts,

2 almonds sorts,

2 plums sorts,

2 cherry sorts,

2 quince sorts,

2 nuts sorts,

2 mulberry sorts,

2 raspberry sorts,

1 peach sort,

3 grapes sorts (early ripe)

The most adaptable and productive to mountain conditions among them will be selected and recommended to farmers for reproduction.

Project goal: To improve the farmers’ livelihood in rural place through developing mountain horticulture.

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