Jan 03

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Support to the mountain farming


In 2005-2006 Experimental Fruit orchard was established by ICPO “JOVID” in GBAO area Ishkashim region Darshai village on the height 2725м with the aim to develop mountain farmer ship.

There are 15 sorts of fruits (stone fruits-5 sorts, pyrene fruits-6 sorts, nuts -2 sorts, raspberry and grapes); it includes 35 sample sorts, brought from Sugd province. The orchard was established in stone-sand soil, where there is wind erosion, annual precipitation is 50—60 mm.

In given conditions ICPO «JOVID» conducted trails and proved that it is possible to cultivate grapes in covered pomir_2conditions (two early –ripe and two mid-season grapes sorts were tested). Ten fruit sorts started bearing. Tasting showed that fruits are of a very good quality.

Based on organized experimental fruit orchard farmers, who deal with horticulture are advised on following themes:
— Agricultural methods of cultivation and reproduction of fruits;
— Technology of fruits canning;
— Soil protection system of land management;
Farmers dealing with horticulture have the possibility to use valuable cuttings from tree stocks to multiply them in their orchards.

pomir_3P. S In the village Vichkut of the given region, on the height 3250 m above the sea level, trails are being conducted on fruits cultivation. The results of the given trails prove that it is possible to cultivate non-traditional sorts of fruits in mountain conditions on such a height.


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