Jan 03

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Rural population health improved due to project activity


Training on medical plants

Final project phase was to teach rural population to use medicinal plants, to improve their diets and diseases prevention.

As a part of awareness campaign calendars were published with medicinal plants pictures and their brief description. Articles were published in local and area newspapers about ICPO «Jovid» activity concerning medicinal plants. Brochures were prepared and published for the farmers regarding cultivation, collection, medicinal plants drying and storage. ICPO «Jovid» staff participated in II – republic Congress of doctors and phyto physician, in Isfara, in February 2007. After this congress, the project supported the


Seminar of phyto therapy

book publication “Phyto therapy and folk medicine”. To improve rural schoolchildren knowledge, regarding medicinal plants usage ICPO «Jovid» conducted special classes for children at schools in target regions.

Doctors participated in seminars conducted by «Jovid» on phyto therapy suggested conducting awareness campaigns regarding medicinal plants use and started prescribing them for the patients. Special registers were developed, where doctors registered patients who were prescribed medicinal plants (2000 patients).

As a result of carried out activity under the project we can say that we achieved following results:

Output 1:
High production sorts of medicinal plants, spice and perfume herbs and rare and vanishing sorts of plants are recovered and cultivated and prepared for future distribution.

Output 2:
Relevant processing technologies are introduced and relations with potential production customers are developed.

Output 3:
Agricultural producers are involved into the process of cultivation and collection of medicinal plants, spice and perfume herbs, recovering of rare and vanishing plants, seedlings distribution, teaching population grafting methods of rare fruit and ornamental trees.

Output 4:
Agricultural producers are involved into cooperatives on processing and production sale.

Output 5:
Rural population is trained to use medicinal plants to improve their diet, health and to protect from diseases.

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