Jan 03

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«Jovid» supports the Land Reform in Shahristan and Ganchi


To support the Land reform in Northern Tajikistan, ICPO «Jovid» established the net of Consulting services, in Shahristan and Ganchi regions Information Consulting centers (ICC) were established. ICC staff conducted trainings for the farmers and gave advices.

It was the main goal of the project 1039 – 04: «Support to the Land Reform in Northern Tajikistan through local extension and support services», the project started in June 1 2005 and finished in June 31 2007. The project is logical prolongation of the project 1025-02 «Agricultural consulting and agricultural development».

In each project region four target groups were defined – private dehkan farms, that appeared as a result of land reform in Tajikistan. Dehkans who got “president lands” and owners of farm lands, rural population, dealing with agriculture.

Women, who want to change their social status in society and to improve the financial situation.

«Jovid» staff aimed first of all to improve farmers’ livelihood and to build the capacity of private enterprises, holdings and agricultural producers. To improve legal awareness of rural population, as they are the part of diversified civil society.

It was planned to achieve five outputs under the project: To establish monitoring and consulting systems on Land reform in Shahristan and Ganchi regions. To establish the net of consulting services on agriculture. To establish Demo plots to conduct trails. To elaborate urgent information material, regarding agricultural methods, available for all rural population. It was supposed that sustain system of seeds multiplication, marketing and farmers organization will be established.

At the beginning needs assessment was conducted among the target groups’ representatives in Shahristan and Ganchi regions. It was necessary to inform rural population about project goal and objectives and the ways they could improve their livelihood.

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