Nov 17

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Trainings to improve knowledge in the field of drip irrigation

trenSince May till October 2016 6 trainings were organized and conducted on topic: «Drip irrigation system use for agricultural crops and planting» where participated 95 people, including 24 female (25.3%). Organization experts elaborated three types of handouts. All handouts were prepared in simple language understandable for local population taking into consideration all their desire concerning text content and use.

During 6 trainings more than 190 handouts and information materials were distributed. Handouts are the integral part of the training, and it is very important for the training efficiency. Handouts illustrate main points of training and help participants to remember main moments of the training after the trainings finished.

Conducting trainings interactive methods of teaching were used. Following principle was used: from simple to complicated, from general approaches to exact practical examples. Training was divided into two parts: theoretical and practical parts.

Practical part of the training helps participants to gain experience, skills in the field of drip irrigation systems.

To secure access to materials during trainings business games were organized, study cases from own experience. Before the training the special training program was elaborated. All trainings were conducted according to the elaborated programs and schedules.


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