Nov 17

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Experience exchange is the earnest of success

dsc01129According to Operation plan under the project «MIT-drip irrigation» the project staff participated in the fair« ISTANBUL WATER EXPO, which took place in August 31 till September 3 2016. The representatives of Qatar, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Kosovo and Tajikistan participated in the fair. The representative of the project participated from Tajikistan, GIZ representatives and trade firm «Barakat». Fair consisted of 6 show. There were represented products of such firms as: (MIT TURKEY, CRZ, KULP and other).

Goods of Turkey and Arab companies were presented on the fair. On water fair Turkey companies presented the equipment to clean the water aimed to secure its good quality and to make it of a drinking standard.

Represented on the water fair equipment consisted of water filters pumps and counter to register water use (1liter of drinking water in Istanbul is 1$). Besides during water fair people got familiarized with firm product regarding water saving irrigation (system of drip irrigation and rain irrigation). Materials of mentioned above firms are used to irrigate lawns, vegetables and fruits trees. According to firms data firms producing rain irrigation system and drip irrigation system are situated in Antalya and Ankara cities. To study offered DIS variants information was collected about producers’ location, list of produced materials and prices.

Participants also went sightseeing in Istanbul, have seen cultures cultivated using drip irrigation. Ornamental trees (pines, fir trees, juniper, oak and other), bushes (crape myrtle, juniper shrub and magnolia.), flowers (which are cultivated on the buildings’ roofs), and decorate city they are irrigated by drip irrigation.

Studied experience concerning drip irrigation system will be transferred to farmers and stakeholders who want to purchase and install given equipment through trainings and consulting. To irrigate trees, bushes, flowers using drip irrigation together with Mulching.

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