May 04

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Access to vitamins in autumn winter period

P1120958 One of the main types of activity under the project is establishment of experimental tunnel greenhouses to cultivate some agricultural crops in winter time. It is necessary to mention the fact that given type of activity in other words cultivation of agricultural crops  in greenhouses in Zafarabad district is know–how.  Greenhouses were not installed before due to the strong winds in region and population did not want to construct greenhouses. The project supported the construction of 10 experimental greenhouses. Experimental greenhouses activity was organized aimed to teach target groups aged people to use land and different crops cultivation technologies efficiently.

ICPO «Jovid»  staff  tried to find optimal types of greenhouses for construction taking into consideration climate peculiarities,lack of water for irrigation and soil condition. As a result of conducted survey it was found out that the most suitable greenhouses for Zafarabad district were tunnel greenhouses.

Having analyzed the situation and taking into consideration survey results  10 plots were selected and 10 experimental greenhouses were constructed for aged people, to secure them with vitamins in autumn and winter time. It was decided to cultivate greens such as: dill, radish, parsley and green onion.

Based on experimental greenhouses 15 Field days were conducted where participated 160 aged among the target groups and jamoat population. Field days participants learnt the methods of greenhouses construction, terms and norms of  sowing, pest control. Participants exchanged the experience and gained new experience from ICPO Jovid staff  concerning greenhouses construction.P1130707

They say: «It’s better once to see than hundred times to hear ».

Conducting monitoring it was found out that, the yield of cultivated dill, radish, green onion, parsley was very nice and it was distributed among the target groups. Beneficiaries made different salads and improved their diet. Totally yield was distributed among 150 aged people. Besides some greens were distributed among schools and PTC for vulnerable population (for example: jamoat Mehnatobad, village Mehnatabad). The number of students in PTC is 120.

It is worth to mention that, after greens vegetables were cultivated such as tomato, bell pepper and  hot pepper. Given type of activity is good opportunity to generate additional income from vegetables seedlings sale. Seedling in greenhouses are ready 20 days earlier for cultivation and the other important thing is that plants in greenhouses are more protected from frost  and heavy rains in spring.

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