Jun 03

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Cooperation aimed to implement know how

International Charity Public Organization «Jovid» supported by GIZ distributed among 70 farmers in three main potato growing jamoats (Mujum, I.Somoni and Vahdat) in Devashtich district 20 tons of complex mineral fertilizer nitroammophoska and 90 jars of insecticide aktra. Carried out activity aimed to implement know how in the field of potato cultivation technology. Given activity is carried out in the framework of the project “Improvement of livelihoods through adaptation to climate changes in Kirgizstan and Tajikistan”, financed by German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Farmers, who received nitroammophoska and aktara were selected according to following criteria:

  1. Citizens of target jamoats or farmers having or rent land in the target jamoats.
  2. Presence of experience and knowledge in the field of farm management and in particular potato growing.
  3. Farmers’ desire to cooperate with the project concerning know how implementation.


Previously farmers in target jamoats were informed and consulted regarding project goals and objectives, special leaflets were elaborated and distributed concerning use of nitroammophoska and aktara.

Due to the fact that potato culture use a lot of POTASSIUM, the project offered to famers to use nitroammophoska 600 kg/ha (300 – 350 kg/ha during cultivation  and 250-300 kg/ha during first  inter-row cultivation) to cultivate given culture. Insecticide aktara is used against most of pests of main cultivated cultures – potato (wireworm, potato beetle), apple tree and pear tree (scale insects, lecanium, greenfly and blindworm). To implement project objectives ICPO «Jovid» recruited two field agronomists.

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