Jun 03

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Experience is the progress factor

According to the project “Improvement of livelihoods through adaptation to climate changes in Kirgizstan and Tajikistan“ financed by BMZ plan in April 2016 5 plots were selected to establish Demo Plots (DP) total area 1,5 ha in jamoats I.Somoni, Vahdat and Mudjun in Devashtich district. The aim of the given activity is to define and to compare the efficiency of nitroammophoska and aktara use as complex mineral fertilizer against pests in potato growing. These plots were selected according to following criteria:

  1. Plot owner desire to cooperate with the project concerning know how implementation in potato growing.
  2. Plot owner’s experience in the field of potato growing and farming.
  3. The location of the plot is to be accessible to all farmers.
  4. Plot’s compliance to cultivate potato (water for irrigation, soil conditions, slope of the plot and so on). On selected plots complex mineral fertilizer nitroammphoska is used during planting and during first between row tillage accordingly 300-350 and 250-300 kg/ha.

Insecticide aktara is used against wireworm while planting potato proportion is 400-600 gram/ha and against potato beetles during vegetation period 60 gram/ha (if there are pests’ larvae on the 10% of bushes and on each bush 20 larvae).

Owners of these plots and all stakeholders will be consulted by ICPO «Jovid» experts during meetings and by telephone if necessary. Special leaflets will be elaborated for them regarding use of nitroammophoska and aktara for planting potato.

During potato vegetation period on established Demo Plots ICPO «Jovid» experts and agronomists will organize and conduct Field days for all stakeholders aimed to present the efficiency of know how use.

It is worth to mention that potato seeds of Big Rose sort, complex mineral fertilizer and insecticide will be distributed for DP under the project.

Besides for each DP special registers will be organized for phenological observations and carried out agro activity within the vegetation period.

Demonstration methodology

Five farmers will be selected in three jamoats in Devashtich district, on their lands 5 Demo Plots will be organized to cultivate potato. The size of each Demo Plot will be 0,30 ha (to study potato cultivation according three variants – 0,10 ha each), in particular :

  • 1-st variant on 0,10 ha – traditional agro technological approach used by most of the farmers (nitrogen fertilizer proportion is 400 – 500 kg/ha for additional fertilizing and phosphate fertilizer proportion is 300 – 400 kg/ha before or while planting). The potato sort is the sort that is accessible for the farmers
  • 2-d variant on 0,10 ha – traditional agro technological approach used by most of the farmers using nitroammophoska proportion is 600 kg/ha (60% before or during cultivation and 40% additional fertilizing) and Insecticide aktara
  • 3-d variant – aimed to define the efficiency of project products (nitroammophoska and aktara) and also to improve the seeds bank of farmers on all 5 Demo Plots seeds of perspective potato Big Rose of second reproduction will be used using nitroammophoska proportion is 600 kg/ha (60% before and while cultivation period and 40% additional fertilizing) and Insecticide aktara.

Watering will be as required.



Insecticide aktara:

  • While cultivation is sprinkled to the soil against wireworm proportion is 400 – 600 gram per ha.
  • During vegetation period against potato beetle 60 – 70 gram per ha.

Other insecticides and also fungicide and herbicide will be used as required.

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