Jan 03

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Medicinal plants – people health!

ICPO «Jovid» taught the population of four regions in Sugd province the ways of medicinal plants cultivation, to be healthy and to make profit from medicinal plants sale.

« Improvement of the production, processing and sale of medicinal, spicy and perfumery herbs and plant; recovering of rare and vanishing plants, fruit trees, legumes and ornamental trees »,- project # 649, ICPO «Jovid» started in July 2006 and finished in December 2007, in partnership with Association of Enterprises and Cooperatives (AEaC).

The project was carried out in B.Gafurov, Ganchi, Shahristan and Istaravshan regions. The project was focused on 2500 farmers families, who have own farm lands, individual agricultural producers, joint into different cooperatives to process and sale target production (8 cooperatives). Rural schools, pharmacies, ambulances, first aid stations, entrepreneurs dealing with production sale and processing were involved into project implementation.

The project goal is: to improve the rural population livelihood in the Northern Tajikistan through involvement into income generating activity on cultivation, processing, use and sale of medicinal plants, spice and perfume herbs, rare and vanishing plants and trees.

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