Aug 24

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The construction of canals, as well as other hydraulic structures, has always presented certain difficulties for builders, especially if it is necessary to build a canal in a mountainous area at an altitude of more than 2880 m above sea level. A few years ago, none of the inhabitants of the Darshay village, Ishkashim district, can’t even dreamed of such facility that could contribute to the irrigation and development of more than 40 hectares of formerly rainfed land.

In any case, the successful construction of canals consists of a whole range of preparatory activities, including design and survey work, preparation of project documentation, as well as high-quality technological operations of the construction itself.

During the direct construction of the canal, a number of works had to be performed related to the nature of the soil, its moisture content, and the need to drain excess water. Therefore, in addition to construction, which consists in the development of a complete channel profile, auxiliary work is also carried out: cavaliers are leveled, planning is carried out, as well as slope and bottom fastening.

The project staff and builders managed to lay more than 3,900 m of pipeline in a short time. This was made possible thanks to a project funded by PATRIP. The developed lands were distributed among 21 families of the Vakhon jamoat. Gardens and bushes will be planted on the new lands.

On the new lands, local people will be able to grow various crops, which will lead to increased prosperity, improved diet, improved biodiversity, etc. In addition, the resulting crops will be able to be sold by local people in local markets, which will lead to lower prices. Also, obtaining additional income may lead to a decrease in the level of migration among the population of the Ishkashim region. With the expansion of the area of ​​gardens, forests and agricultural crops, the ecological state of the region will also improve. It is important to note that after the construction of the canal, local residents received access to drinking water.6. канали нав6канали нав 2

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