May 05

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Permanent energy supply for medical institutions and aged population in Mastchoh district

ф2-1 ф2In the framework of the given activity the project staff conducted survey aimed to define potential suppliers and target groups’ needs regarding equipment capacity for future installation in the project district. Thus   as a result of survey it was found out that the optimal variant for the target district was solar panel of 500 W capacity. It is worth to mention that solar panels for the target district were know-how. It is also necessary to mention the fact that 16 sets of solar panels were installed in the target district in 4 mahalla. Solar panels were installed to supply energy on permanent base. The equipment was transferred to the target groups and institutions according to the acceptance certificate on donation base. Institutions management staff appointed responsible doctors and other staff to maintain the equipment. Selected responsible people were consulted regarding equipment use and maintenance aimed to transfer the knowledge concerning main moments of equipment maintenance. It is necessary to mention that during consulting special situations were established (role-playing game), participants were taught skills of equipment maintenance.

All medical institutions staff and kishlak (village) population highly appreciated support of HelpAgeInternational. The equipment is successfully used and district population benefit from it.

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