May 05

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Tunnel greenhouses construction on plots of aged people

ф2-3 One of the main types of activity was construction of experimental greenhouses to cultivate some crops in winter time.It is worth to mention that given type of activity  in other words cultivation of crops in greenhouses in Mastchoh district is know-how. The main reason is strong winds in the district and local population were afraid to construct  greenhouses. The project constructed 16 experimental greenhouses on the plots of target groups. It is worth to mention that plots were selected by the target groups  for the most vulnerable aged population.

Construction phases

  • To select the place
  • To prepare the soil
  • To prepare and to install iron pipes, to build arch
  • To join iron pipes with wires and to fix them with polling.
  • To construct the gate
  • To cover the structure with polyethylene
  • To fix polyethylene by soil
  • To fix polyethylene  each 0,7m by rope
  • To trowel the walls and to paint walls and gateф2-4

Based on experimental greenhouse 16 Field days were conducted, where participated 248 people among of target groups and district population. Field days participants were demonstrated  methods of greenhouses construction, terms and norms of sowing and pest control.

All interested in can visit greenhouse as it is situated not far from the main road.

Most of Field days participants and visitors mention the importance of the greenhouse activity in the process of agricultural development in Mastchoh district.

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