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The development of human economic activity has led to a change in the environment, which, ultimately, has violated the stability of natural ecosystems. Due to the connections existing in ecosystems and the interdependence of its individual parts, a “boomerang effect” is currently observed, in which a person oppresses himself through the oppression of nature. In order to increase the level of knowledge of the population of the Ishkashim district regarding the preservation of the environment, 35 trainings were organized and conducted on the topic “Protection of the environment from harmful factors”, which were attended by 693 people, of which 27% were women or 187 people.7. IMG_1817

In the course of the trainings, the questions most of interest to the listeners were identified, namely:

  • methods for improving soil fertility;
  • optimal fertilizer system and irrigation regime for the main field and fruit crops;
  • identification of pests and diseases of agricultural crops, as well as effective agrotechnical and biological measures to combat them;
  • negative human activity on the environment and methods for reducing emissions;
  • proper use of forest plantations and pastures;
  • keeping the environment clean, especially in irrigated canals.

During the trainings in the form of a discussion, the essence of the above issues, as well as other issues related to environmental protection, were disclosed to the listeners in an accessible form.

The participants of the trainings were also familiarized with environmental safety. These are methods of preserving the environment that prevent the degradation of flora and fauna, the deterioration of health and changes in the gene pool of the population.

In connection with the deterioration of the ecological situation throughout the region, the listeners were offered methods to improve soil fertility and crop yields:

  • rational use of manure
  • household waste composting methods and uses
  • effective crop rotation schemes, taking into account the expansion of areas under alfalfa. For this purpose, the audience was given informational material regarding the relationship of agricultural crops to various predecessors.
  • widespread introduction of agrotechnical and biological methods of combating pests and diseases of agricultural crops, as well as weeds, in combination with the use of biological plant protection products prepared from available local materials. On this issue, the audience was given information material on the methods of preparation and use of biological plant protection products against harmful organisms from various plants (wood ash, tobacco dust, etc.).

7. IMG_1813Since the region is subject to natural factors that negatively affect the environment (strong winds, mudflows, etc.), the listeners are offered measures to reduce or prevent the harmful effects of these factors. The following topics were also covered during the trainings:

  • a table with the main elements of agricultural technology for growing agricultural crops in the region
  • rational use of irrigation water
  • issues of biological and agrotechnical protection of agricultural crops from pests and diseases

The provided materials will help in the future to improve the state of the environment and the ecology of the region.

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