Aug 14

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In April 2021, the implementation of the sub-project “Building the potential of rural youth in the field of innovative agriculture, green technologies, agribusiness and other income-generating activities with high potential for job creation” was launched for 6 months. This sub-project is implemented by the International Charitable Public Organization Jovid within the framework of the 3rd phase InnoResponse Challenge, funded by the UNDP.

The sub-project will involve about 60 rural youth in the process of expanding knowledge and skills in the field of innovative agriculture, green technologies, agribusiness and income-generating activities to create jobs in the Devashtich district of the Sughd region.

The first step in the project will be to organize events to familiarize local government officials in target districts about the goals and objectives of the sub-project and to get support from them. Expected results of the sub-project:

  • a mini-study was carried out to identify the needs and interests of young people in the target area, with an emphasis on expanding their innovative, economic and social opportunities
  • at least 60 young people, including 30% of young women and girls from the target districts, have expanded their knowledge and practical skills in the field of innovative agriculture, green technologies and agribusiness;
  • identified and supported 7 promising ideas for small businesses related to agriculture and green technologies;
  • provided technical and advisory support to selected promising business ideas for their implementation.


The contact person:

For more information, please contact Ramazon Nurmamadov,

Sub-Project Coordinator: icpo.jovid@gmail.com,

Phone: (+992 92) 774-16-61

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