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Resource Consulting Centers started their activity


RCC in Zafarabad

In March 2008 Resource Consulting Centers (RCC) started their activity

Twenty four consultants were selected among the local population. For consultants trainings were conducted, where they were

taught the specific characters of working with farmers. Each three months ICPO “Jovid” staff will conduct needs assessment among the consultants concerning seminars topics to improve their qualification in future.

Needs assessment was conducted among 300 local farmers to define themes for trainings and consulting. Conducted mini survey helped to clear the situation about the land reform. Some issues concerning kolhoses and dehkan farms reorganization, corresponding infrastructure and existing problems in this sphere were studied too. Project presentations were conducted on area and region levels, with local authorities’ participation (Area and target regions Hukumats representatives, Agricultural departments, land committees, tax committees and so on) and more then 40 international and public organizations).

At present time in each RCC hired four consultants, one of them stays in the center and the rest three are in the fields with farmers. All consultations are registered in special registers. Since March 15 consultations were rendered to 900 farmers on different aspects of farming. Rural population is interested in ways of crops rotation, efficient use of water resources, economic efficiency of cultivated crops, grasshopper control. Livestock breeders were interested in ways of feeding and keeping livestock, daily ration, preventive measures and ways of domestic animals diseases control. Consultant economist consulted farmers about labor legislation, order of dehkan holdings establishment and kolhoses reorganization.

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