May 05

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Support to vulnerable population and public institutions to prepare their houses and premises to winter

ф2-5Under given activity it was supposed to distribute materials to save the heating in the houses  and social institutions (coal, Polyethylene to cover windows,nails and lath) for aged vulnerable population in Mastchoh district. Given activity covered 160 families and 8 public social institutions. Each beneficiary received one-time aid ( a set of materials to save the heating  in the houses  and institutions).It is worth to mention that given type of activity is the continuation of other types of activity under the project. Materials were distributed in the following way:

Materials For aged target groups For public organization TOTAL
1 Sulukta coal of a high quality 24 000 kg 1050 kg 25050 kg
2 Lath of a size 1,5 х 0,4 mm 6400 meters 140 meters 6540 meters
3 Polyethylene from  Iran 1600 meters 76 meters 1676 meters
4 Russian nails (size 20) 32 kg 32 kg
5 Cast-iron moveable wood stove 1 piece 1 piece
6 Chimney 6 pieces 6 pieces

Cast-iron movable wood stove  knee

2 pieces

2 pieces

Advantage of goods distribution

Beneficiaries point that given support was well-timed as winter was very severe and vulnerable aged population were not ready to purchase coal and to save the heat. Taking into consideration mentioned above by target groups the project calculated that 160 families saved more than 52900 somoni or 11 000 US dollars. Saved means will be spent for other needs of aged people (vitamins, medicine, food and clothes), besides distributed materials helped family members mainly 160 aged people to be healthy.

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