Jan 03

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Trainings for the target groups


Seminar in ICC

To improve the farmers level of knowledge and to distribute know how in the field of agriculture ICC and Jovid staff conducted trainings, seminars and Open door days for the farmers and target groups.

Under this project 25 trainings and Open door days were conducted, where participated more then 420 people among them 26% women. During the trainings they gain new skills and then use them in practice.

To conduct trainings ICC staff together with ICPO JOVID staff elaborated modules, manuals and handouts on different themes.

Trainings are planned and conducted according to the


Seminar discussion

target groups’ needs assessment. Survey showed, that at present time a lot of farmers are interested in the information


Trainings in ICC concerning business accounting in dehkan holdings, taxation in dehkan holdings, it is due to the amendments made in Tax legislation.

Fifteen Open door days were conducted with participation of local authorities’ representatives, tax bodies, agricultural departments, where experts explained essence of Tax legislation.

In each conducted training and open door day the participants were given handouts and information materials on interested in issues.


Trainings in ICC

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